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Urgent Care in Destin, FL

At Sandestin Executive Health & Wellness Center, our goal is to give our patients the quality care that they deserve. We know that in times of medical crisis, it is important for patients to fully understand what it is they are going through. That is why our physicians and nurses take the time to speak with patients, get to know them, and explain the underlying medical issue as well as what steps are being taken for treatment.

Benefits of Urgent Care

The fact of the matter is that emergency rooms are often crowded. With so many patients in need of attention, most physicians will spend five to seven minutes on average with each of them. At SEHWC, our practitioners will generally see a patient from twenty minutes to one hour, depending on the situation. With more time devoted to each patient, doctors can ensure nothing is missed. We also offer appointments so our patients will not have to wait hours for the next available doctor. In short, urgent care is perfect for any injuries or illnesses that are non-life threatening.

Services We Provide

At SEHWC, we are proud to offer our patients a wide range of services, not just of an emergency nature. Our clientele includes both residents and tourists, and we accept a wide array of insurances. Our services include treatment for injuries such as sprains, broken bones, and lacerations. We regularly treat patients with colds, the flu, respiratory problems, upset stomachs, and sore throats. We even handle more minor issues, such as splinter removal, swimmer's ear, insect bites, allergies, and earwax removal.

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