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Pharmacy with Online Refills in Miramar Beach, FL

Whether people need online refills for medication or just information from a pharmacist, Sandestin Executive Health & Wellness Center can help.

Online Refills

Online refills are fast and easy at Sandestin Executive Health & Wellness Center. We understand that life is hectic enough without having to make time to visit the pharmacy for prescription refills. Visiting a website provides a refill with just a few mouse clicks.

RefillRx Partnership

RefillRx is the proprietary software that manages our patients and customers to fill and refill prescriptions. With an active account, patients can log into the system free of charge. Pharmacists fill the order quickly and securely. No identifying information is ever saved online. Delivery service is also available.

How Our Pharmacists Can Help 

Our professionals offer care that demonstrates a deep commitment to patient health. They are approachable medical experts, able to answer questions and provide guidance.

  • Patients can ask pharmacists about specific medications, including benefits, risks, side effects, and potential interactions with other drugs.
  • Pharmacists can administer immunizations such as flu shots and shingles vaccinations. Insurance plans often cover these shots, and walk-ins are welcome.
  • Pharmacists are an important point of care, keeping detailed records of medications taken and potential drug interactions. If concerns arise regarding medication, pharmacists and physicians communicate directly to ensure the best outcome for patients. Pharmacists will also contact insurance companies when warranted.
  • When generic medication is a viable alternative, pharmacists educate patients about this option to help them save money.

A full-service pharmacy is an important facet of comprehensive health care.

To reach our Pharmacy directly, contact us at 850-267-6700.  We offer a delivery service for patients within the resort.
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